Jornadas Senpai 2010 and my firts concert!

I am constipated, I have a slight fever, but I'm fine.

Last Saturday was my first concert

I had fun, singing, dancing and teaching wotagei.

I had some failures, I was nervous, but I think I did well.

I saw a girl ( @rehikari ), she had bought the cd! I was very happy and I signed.
I met many fans, I'm glad I made the concert in Castellón.

I cosplay Athena Asamiya, but I forgot the wig at home, I am very clueless

I noticed that some people hate me for going to Japan and make a record, my friends say it's envy

Thank you very much to those who came to my concert!

I look forward to many more concerts!

The setlist was:
-World is mine
-Momoi medley ( and teaching wotagei )
-Locomotion dream
-Give a reason