Ruki's Holidays

Awww I'm very sad... by the news of Hirano Aya (-__-)U
But I'm enjoying my vacation time , holiday in Spain are very long for students (^_^).

I see anime, read manga, song, dance, go out with my friends, handmade cosplay , go to anime conventions ...

I'm remake Hakurei Reimu Cosplay

I went to a photo shoot! I will soon have new professional photos

This weekend I went to "TANABATA" is a summer anime convention, the real Tanabata on July 7.

I won a contest called "Great Otaku", though the questions were well-known series and were very easy (T_T) U, I wanted more difficulty, and some of the tests were not very otaku.
The prize was the second copy of "A geek in Japan"

I went camping with my best friend Jeanne, but miss my other best friend Esther ^ ^, tomorrow I'll cook pizza for Esther and me!
Soon I will upload a video of the camping

I bought two singles of AKB48 "River" and "Ponytail to shushu"
A fan of mine has made a badge with my face hahaha !!
He bought my single! I gave him my autograph.

I want to buy this book! is the story of a kokeshi called Yumi, has some very nice drawings