Happy Birthday Momoi-san!


Happy Birthday Momoi-san!

Happy Birthday my Dear Momoi-san!
I hope you have a really nice day!

3 Years ago I won the final round of Momoi's Audition, and I released my first single in Japan, I was really happy, was my first travel to Japan and is one of my most precious memories, for that reason I will be eternally grateful to Momoi and her Staff, for that  great opportunity, that helped me become the person I'm now.  Thank you very much Momoi-san!

This last summer I met her again in Tokyo, I wanted to say to her many things but I was really really shy.... because she is my precious idol and I'm her fan.
 I really want be more friendly with her, because is a very important person in the history of my life.

I uploaded new singing video!! I didn't upload any video in a long time , sorry!!

[Colorful Aquarium] is one of my favorite songs of the last Momoi's Album [ Angya ~ Momo-i Sekai no Tabi ~ ]

This song is very very sweet and I love the sound of the synthesizer, is like 90's sound ♥

I hope you Enjoy the song and My singing ~

And if you are interested to buy Momoi's Album you can buy it here -->

My friend Omar from México also did a Great video about Momoi-san in Anime Vegas 2013
 Please watch it and enjoy!

Thanks for read my blog! See you dears!

Chu chu!