Event Review: Salón del Manga de Murcia 2012


Event Review: Salón del Manga de Murcia 2012

Good Morning my Swetties ~!

The Salon  del Manga Murcia was held a few month ago, is one of the best otaku events in Spain.

I arrived on Saturday in the hour of my concert, for that reason I not look the event that day.

The concert was a great success, i'm so happy for that!!!!!!

The night before of the event  I prepared the videos ,because there was a screen behind the stage, Was very impressive and fun the effect of the video with my voice ~

The people enjoyed my concert so much, it was fantastic, I improved a lot in my performances. ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ

I did friend of a group of musicians with whom I shared the stage. The singer have a visual Kei Style, she was very cool! Now we are good friends. (*´ー`)

On Sunday I did a lot of interviews, one was especially fun. ( *´▽`*)
I'm very happy to travel throughout Spain and make many new friends.

My with my Fans!
 Thanks so much for support me!!

See you  (^_・)ゝ〜〜★