2013 Rukirin illustration

Every year, my original character "Rukirin" is drawing by a differents spanish illustrators.
Spain have a great unknown artists and  I try to support them if i can.

This year I'm honored to show "2013 Rukirin illustration" by Kagura
She is a young spanish Illustrator and very nice person, please check her gallery and enjoy her art!

New Posters are avariable in: http://rukishop.storenvy.com/

I hope you like it!

Ruki's Character Poster Evolution
  Illustration by: Kagura 

 Illustration by: Mibu

 Illustration by: Kenneos

  Illustration by: Ninamo

 Also these years I got many many fanarts
 2013~ 2011 fanarts 

 Thanks to everyone!

You want to draw Rukirin?
 Please send me your art here xrukichanxinfo(@)gmail.com ! I will feature you in my blog and facebook ~


I'm in Japan!

Hello my sweets Rukiotas! ♥

Yes! I'm in Japan! (*^ワ^*)

Sorry so so so so so so much!!! 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。

I haven't updated blog, I haven't made new videos and I haven't done streamings in past months...
I've disconnected a lot of internet and the fans who are far away, but believe me I don't forget any of you.
I was active only in Twitter , Facebook and my Japanese Blog, feel free to check it! (follow me and Like if you want)

I will update about many things about my aventure in Japan, about what I love of Japan and what I don't like about Japan (yes! I found one little thing wwww), how many things I bought, how many people I met and many others things.

Pay attetion in my blog the next days! ♥


¡Hola mi dulces dulces Rukiotas! ♥

¡Sí! Estoy en Japón!(*^ワ^*)

Antes de nada...¡Lo siento muchísimo! 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。

No he estado actualizando el blog, no he hecho nuevos videos y no he hecho streamings en ​​los últimos meses... Me he desconectado mucho de internet y de los fans que están lejos, pero creedme no me olvido de ninguno de vosotros.
Sólo he estado activa en Twitter , Facebook y mi blog en Japones , ¡echarles un vistazo! (Seguirme en twitter y darle Me gusta a mi pagina de facebook si queréis )

Voy a intentar actualizar con todo acerca  mi aventura en Japón, sobre lo que me gusta de Japón y lo que no me gusta de Japón (¡sí! he encontré algunas cosillas wwww), cosas que he comprado, las personas que he conocido y otras historias.

¡Estate atento a mi blog los próximos días! ♥


Cook With Ruki: How to do Spanish Buñuelos/Doughnuts ~

(  ̄▽ ̄)ノNyahooo!
How are you?!

Today is the last day of "Las Fallas de Valencia",is a Typical Valencia's Festival. I will update the blog talking about "Las Fallas" soon ~ (〃⌒▽⌒〃)

Buñuelos is a typical desert in Spain (and very typical in Las Fallas), every city have special type of Buñuelos, is very sweet and delicious ~
Today I made buñuelos and hot chocolate for my family.

1 egg
1 and 1/2 cups flour
1/2 cup sugar
1 spoonful of baking powder
250 cc. milk
A pinch of salt
Necessary amount of Oil for frying

How to make ~

- Beat the egg. Add a bit of flour, salt, baking powder and Mix. Add the sugar and mix.
Add milk and  mix to get homogeneous mass. Fry in abundant hot oil.
The buñuelos are made one by one, pour the mass in the skillet with a small scoop, or a tablespoon, trying to make them as circular as possible. When the Bueñuelo is golden it turns to gild the part that was left up.
Once the Bueñuelos  are ready them out with a slotted spoon, trying to remove as much oil, and pour in a dish covered with paper towels.
If you want sprinkle with sugar.

I hope you like it this recipe!

 いただきます! (≧▽≦)