Ruki x Moecul 萌えカル文化祭 応援メッセージ


Ruki x Moecul 萌えカル文化祭 応援メッセージ

This past weekend was held in Japan   MOE CULTURE FESTIVAL 2012   
I collaborated with  this support video. ヾ(・ω・*)ノ


I'm Ruki, i'm nineteen years old and I'm from Spain

I love Anime and everything having to do with Akihabara culture, otaku culture .
I like a lot of anime series, i don't know exactly what is my favorite but my top 10 releases of the last year would be:
Fate / Zero (best anime of last year and certainly this year too)
Steins; Gate
Mawaru penguin drum
Guilty crown
Puella Magi Madoka magica
The Idolm@ster

My favorite characters:

- San (Seto no Hanayome
- Nogizaka Haruka ( Nogizaka haruka no himitsu )
- Saber ( Fate series) 
- Nodame ( Nodame cantabile )
- Kirino Kousaka ( Ore no imouto )
- Miyako Miyamura ( Ef~ series )

I want return to Japan, is a society very advanced and working.
My first experience there was fantastic, so I hope to repeat it.
I love Japanese culture, history, art, architecture, traditional games (hanafuda cads , shogi...) ((ojiisan Mitaiwwwww) ...
and of course music, from traditional to contemporary.
I think I'm a mix between Aniota and Wota,
I love watching anime and I like seeing my favorite idols 
(80' idols : Kawaii Naoko ,Tamura Eriko , Matsuda Seiko. Actual idols: AKB48 , Halko Momoi ,

-What is the meaning of the word "moe" for me? It is a feeling,
I feel it when I see a cute character, according to my fetishes, characters with zettai ryouiki , Clumsy personality , glasses... Best zettai ryouiki -> Miyako Miyamura Cute character -> Kaname Madoka

-I love cosplay, is one of my favorite hobbies , i wear cosplay in my concerts.

In Spain, the anime is very popular, I think the most popular series in Spain are One Piece, Bleach, K-on, Inazuma Eleven, Tiger & Bunny and Evangelion.

i think...wwwwwww (laught) 
Greetings to all attendees of Moe Cul GO GO MOE CUL!