Expomanga 2011


Expomanga 2011

This past weekend, I've been expomanga, is the second most important event in Spain, but it has nothing to envy to the "Salon manga de Barcelona ", I went with my friend Esther and we met many people.

It was fun, I did a concert, we had some technical problems, but practice makes perfect, otherwise went great, many people encouraged me, some people tried to make Wotagei.

It was fantastic and I'm very happy, because every time I improvedmore and less nervous on stage, it is also true, people Expomanga gave me great confidence.
Thank you very much for attending!

 Sogeking & Kuroneko

Metabee & Euphemia

My friend Esther as Kay Faraday ( Ichijou Mikumo )


Concert's Setlist :

1- Romantic ageru yo
2- Give a reason
3- ai no medicine
4- Marisa Stole The Precious Thing
5- World is mine 
6- Magia
7- Kanashimanaide
8- Non-dimension
Extra Song: Momoi Medley