More events!


More events!

The last weekend I went to ""Salón" del "manga" de Valencia"
It's supposed to be the biggest event in my city... But I got bored...
Anyway, it was fun to be with friends and cosplay.

My louise ~~and her free pass xDD

Kaito talk with LUKA  D':     ;O;
Acute Photo sesion ~~

Donations ~~ Reimu kawaii!!
Playing Mahjong : D
Playing Othelo with my beautiful best friend (Esther / Louise cosplayer)
Moe Moe Kyun ~~
My Friend Anzu-chan !! kawaiii Mio-chan!!~~

Bored Miku

HOSHI!! from ARAKAWA under the bridge

My friend Kiris as ADVENT CIRNO !!

Yakuza girl ~~ play with me~ Oicho-Kabu witch  kabufuda

We are Sex Bom-omb!  : D